• Target Trivet - THAT COOL LIVING
  • Target Trivet - THAT COOL LIVING
  • Target Trivet - THAT COOL LIVING

Target Trivet


The Target Trivet is created using digital manufacturing techniques resulting in a pure geometric design. Offering versatile use as chopping or serving board, this elegant wooden trivet is crafted from natural beech and provides a highly functional kitchen and dining accessory.

Ships within 1-2 weeks.

Natural beech

Height: 22 mm
Width: 260 mm
Depth: 260 mm

Before using it for the first time with food or contact with water, we recommend protecting it against grease and moisture by treating it with food-safe oil such as mineral oil or sunflower oil. Apply once and wipe off any excess and repeat after 24 hours. Note that this makes the color of the wood richer.
Should only be cleaned by wiping with a wet cloth or scrubbing brush.
Not dishwasher safe.
Do not allow the item to soak or be in contact with water for a prolonged time - this can cause the wood to split.
Carefully dry without using heat to accelerate the drying process.
Can be rubbed with fine sandpaper and re-oiled to maintain its condition.

Made in Poland

Founded in London in 2006, Case has a simple mission - to make quality, authored products accessible to the mass market. Using modern manufacturing techniques and collaborating with world-renowned, passion-fuelled designers from the start, Case quickly established itself as a brand that does not make you choose between quality and price point.

Designer: Gareth Neal