• Tanso Side Chair
  • Tanso Side Chair

Tanso Side Chair


Inspired by the simplicity of Japanese furniture, the Tanso Side Chair from the Tanso garden furniture range bridges the gap between outdoors and indoors by elevating the craftsmanship, quality, and detail of outdoor furniture.

Constructed from grade-A teak, the Tanso Side Chair is highly robust and weather-resistant for outdoor use, yet its elegant and detailed aesthetic also affords it a place inside.

This Tanso Side Chair pairs perfectly with the Tanso Round Table or the Tanso Rectangular Table.

Estimated delivery time: 2-4 weeks

  • Grade-A teak

Width: 538 mm
Height: 797 mm
Depth: 516 mm

  • No assembly is required.
  • Skilled craftsmen manufacture this product and there is variation between each table. Wood is a natural product and color and grain variations are inevitable.
  • Natural timber is affected by sunlight; this can cause the wood's color to darken. For this reason (especially if placed in direct sunlight) it is recommended that placing objects for long periods in the same position is avoided. This color adjustment becomes less relevant over time as the wood stabilizes.
  • Teak is a durable timber with a high oil and resin content, this means that it requires little amounts care to keep looking its best. Over time the teak will start to change color going from a rich golden color to silver-grey. This is naturally how the timber ages in sunlight and weathering.
  • It is recommended that no abrasive cleaners or solvents are used to clean the furniture. We recommend only using warm water with diluted mild detergent to clean off the dirt that has formed over time and using a soft bristle brush. Regular cleanings will help to keep the original golden appearance of the teak if desired. There are also specific teak cleaning products available however we cannot recommend a particular brand.
  • We recommend storing the cushions indoors when not in use. They can be wiped clean with water and a mild detergent.

Made in Thailand

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Designer: David Irwin