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  • Meal Planner - THAT COOL LIVING
  • Meal Planner - THAT COOL LIVING

Meal Planner


The Meal Planner desktop notepad is perfect for organizing your weekly menus and shopping list.

The Meal Planner is bound by hand in Spain, with 4 screws, 52 sheets of 100g recycled paper, and a 600g recycled cardboard support.

31 x 23 cm

Covers: 100% Recycled cardboard
Interior: 100% recycled paper

Handmade in Spain

Melpom is a sophisticated, quality, and unique brand in sustainable stationery and accessories, designed and produced in Spain. Their philosophy is based on three fundamental pillars:

Organization. All of their products are designed to help organize thoughts, ideas, experiences, and the day-to-day at work.

Design. Design is key, and that is why they bet on a minimalist design, in the purest Nordic style, seeking simplicity to find practicality and sustainability.

Sustainability. They try to make all their materials and production processes as sustainable as possible. They look for materials that are biodegradable or that result from recycling processes in other industries, in addition to making their production process as respectful as possible with the environment, always focusing on local production.